— who are you?
— i hardly know, sir, just at present—at least i know who i was when i got up this morning, but i think i must have been changed several times since then.
— what do you mean by that? explain yourself!
— i can't explain myself, i’m afraid, sir, because i am not myself, you see.

i want to

please come closer

i will not let you down


i am the body, a schizophrenic entity living in constant tension oscillating between the physical and the immaterial. a container of flesh, tangible materiality and a vehicle of ideas, reflections and feelings. i connect to the world and separate from it. i am restricted by the surface which holds the unmeasurable depth. nothing exists in separation. my head, my belly, my hands and my skin - my brave precious companions to navigate the world, each carries its individual spirit, making me who i am.


parts define the whole. everything within is intertwined with the outside in myriad ways, ruled by the order originated in the utterly absurd genesis of the world which I don't even try to make sense of. i am embedded in the complex and nonsensical structure of life where any attempt to grasp it becomes elusive and is doomed to fail. for that reason I let go of any attempts to understand, untangle or predict. i surrender to the ambiguity that connects me to the natural flow of life where not everything needs to be explained, justified and hence, predetermined.


in me is a place where ambiguity and free flowing exploration is nourished. i give in to the world and the world takes me fully. i feed on untamed manifestations of one's own deepest passions and desires manifested in thought, deed and emotion.

from the top


of my head


to the tips


of my toes