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before we dive into the work of marthe prins,

a little bit of the context is necessary.

on saturday 31st of october NRC, major daily newspaper from the netherlands,  published an article revealing countless flaws of the art world and art education. It has triggered many processes and started a chain of events leading to the rise of distress introducing the urgency of change.


the story told was about a young artist building a successful career despite persistent allegations of sexual assault and rape. along with release of the NRC article, stories of cases of sexual harassment, racism and other unacceptable behaviour in dutch art institutions are on the rise and making

their way into the public.


marthe is a fellow teacher at the royal academy of art in the hague where students are increasingly raising their concerns. her work at diptych evolved from the current situation: it is a call for change, an open invitation to begin collective and individual healing processes.

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