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ernests vilsons X diptych

heart murmurations

what is the (im)possibility of a dialogue in the absence of the other’s physical presence? as many things become left to interpretation, what kind of engagement is needed when pursuing such a dialogue? heart murmurations is the result of the collaborative project between diptych in love and ernests vilsons. we pursued an approach of a distant exchange, exploring all its possibilities and limitations, being together while apart. getting to know each other through associative flows. from entropy to notropy. from contemplation to meditation. finding each other thousands of kilometres apart. yet nearing each other more and more. in the following page you will find the outcome of our exchange a dialogue which unfolds in the associative realm of sound.


play with it. explore intuitively. play it together or one at the time. take a pause when you need one. or merge it all in one to surrender completely.

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