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my sweet love,

we are diptych an experimental fine dining restaurant in amsterdam founded by a visual artist ola lanko. diptych in love is a collaborative platform driven by raw passions manifesting in gastronomic experience and artistic expressions. we fell in love with six artists and invited them to develop a new project together, an autonomous body of work that includes a menu design which will be presented during a special event by the end of their stay. in the upcoming six months mutual affections and desires will be fulfilled through dialogues and explorations triggered by ingredients, tools found within and the space itself. 

for the time of the collaboration, our restaurant is transformed into a working studio, a presentation space and a dialogue room. we are open for the public to join the adventure, becoming a place which exists between different disciplines, where dialogue and experimentation take place and visitors are welcome to become part of the process. 

full version of the website is available for exploration only on your computer. still willing to view on your mobile? you little devil, go ahead you are warned. the website has a free structure as everything laid out is ruled by unconfined, fleeting and intuitive motives. inviting you on a poetic ambiguous journey of associations inspired by the dialogues with the artists and the space itself. 


yours evermore, diptych in love

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