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— don't touch me! don't question me! don't speak to me! stay with me!
— did I ever leave you?
— you let me go.

let me give you a strong hug


we’ll stroke your hair and give you a glass of water. we touch, transform, combine, feel and shape. we are the hands, the devoted servants of the body. the driver behind our motion is untraceable, we move without questioning, we explore curiously and have no preferences in our choices. we are accepting of everything we meet, as everything is lovely.


sometimes we catch ourselves thinking a higher force is reading. that perhaps the head is ruling or the belly is taking over. whoever decides for us, we couldn't care less.  the only matter important is the exploration itself, movement of fingers, the touch, the feel. what do we touch now? is it alive? is it warm or cold? what do we do with it?


we are on a constant journey through the surfaces of objects, and we know we possess the magic to alter and change them. and most importantly, we know the pleasure of the transformation. 

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