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— i don't understand.
— use your intelligence, can't you?
— i remain in the dark

where can i find a man who has forgotten words?

he is the one i would like to talk to.


listen to me, even physically i am the highest point in the body, under the condition that the body is not hand walking. i am clever and the special one, I juggle thoughts, immaterial expressions and concepts. i define my body, its position in the world. i am the attic where ideas and passions are ignited, abstract emotions form meaning and desires are created.


in me the cravings of the body and raw curiosity is absorbed and translated into ideas. mystery, ambiguity and imagination are casting my decisions, i listen to them and dance with them freely.


of course, being the clever one comes with the burden of knowledge. i know my flaws and pitfalls. my anxieties, uncertainties, haunting memories of the past, guilt, shame, fear, jealousy, ego. my friends and my enemies are always with me, they make me vulnerable, exposed, weak and thus, make me ordinary.  

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